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Seniors with Dementia

Did you know that nearly 50 million people worldwide are affected with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease? More than 220,000 of those individuals live in Illinois and nearly 30% of those residents live in rural areas or small towns. Disappointingly, every person diagnosed will exhibit a challenging behavior like confusion with routines, noncompliance, dangerous or disruptive behaviors. For decades, research has demonstrated that behavior therapy like ABA is a safer and more effective method to managing the symptoms of dementia. However, very few behavior analysts practice their therapeutic services with this population. 

Abilities understands that managing these behaviors and maintaining skills as long as possible is the difference between keeping a loved one at home and moving them into a costly facility. Dr. Trahan and her team want to transform how we manage the most difficult aspects of one of the most expensive diagnoses in America. Abilities Behavior Services now provides evidence-based behavior analytic supports to families across Southern Illinois. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) visit when and where the most troublesome aspects of care occur, including during meals, outings, grooming, routines, family gatherings, and other daily activities. We serve individuals living in homes, assisted living facilities, skilled care centers, or hospitals. Medicaid and long-term insurance policies can reimburse for services. Rates also available for private pay. For more information, contact us today!

Behavior Assessment ​

-Family Interviews 

-Direct Observation 

-Targets Identified 

-Data Collected 

-Family Meetings 

-Semi-Annual Reports 

​Intervention Plans 

​-Detailed Plans Developed 

-1:1 Training With Caregivers


-In-situation sessions

-Family Meetings 

-Semi-Annual Reports 

​Improving Life Skills 

-Communication and Language​


-Social Interactions​
-Daily Routines

-Self-Care and grooming
-Community Outings​

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-Dementia 101

-Challenging Behavior & Dementia

-Activities & Engagement 

-Skillful Prompting

-De-Escalation Procedures

-ABA in Dementia Care

Facility Partnerships

-Improved Resident Retension
-Reductions in Anti-Psychotics

-Better Job Satisfaction
-Decreased Hospital Admissions

-Increased Quality of Life

-Improved Safety

Other Services ​

-Intern, Externs, Student Projects

-Conference Presentations/Workshops

-Family Nights
-Fundraising and Awareness Events
-Support Groups
-Staff Engagement Programs


There are a variety of ways to pay for ABA Services. 


How To Apply:

If you receive Medicaid benefits or if you are eligible to receive benefits, you may be eligible for ABA services! You also need a mental health diagnosis (anxiety, depression). Medicaid will pay for ABA for the person with dementia or for their caregiver. Call today for more info.

Long Term Care Insurance

How To Apply:

Services may be covered in full or in part by your long-term care insurance policy. Call your insurance to determined coverage, co-pay, and deductibles. Approval by a primary care physician may be required.  Therapists at Abilities can also call, write memos, or advocate for services from your LTC insurance.

Private Pay

How To Apply:

Call today! No formal diagnosis needed. RBTs and BCBAs can be apart of your care plan. A la carte services available. Contact us for today's rates. 

Please contact us today to determine your eligibility. We can help you navigate if your insurance or medicaid benefits covers ABA therapy. Our team can recommend a needed number of hours per week and advocate for ABA therapy.

Paymnt ~Seniors

"It is not a question of starting. The start has been made. It's a question of what's to be done from now on."

B.F. Skinner, Pioneer for Behavior Analysis

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