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ABA Services

What is ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific method focused on understanding and improving human behavior across all ages. ABA employs evidence-based interventions to increase skills, reduce challenging behaviors, and enhance quality of life.  With ABA services, specific behaviors are objectively defined, targeted, and assessed. We create an individualized plan to determine replacement behaviors, training procedures, and maintenance strategies. Typical program areas include communication, self-care, social skills, self-monitoring, and challenging behaviors. Overall, ABA aims to improve an individual's life and the lives of those closest to those we serve. 

Children with Autism​

-Behavior assessments

-Social groups

-In-home and clinic based settings

-Early intervention services

-Coaching families

-School consultations

​Adults With ID/DD

​-Caregiver interviews

-Records review

-Community safety

-Skill building

-In-the-moment staff training

-Interdisciplinary meetings

​Seniors with Dementia

-Direct observation ​

-Collaborate with medical team​
-Techniques to increase communication​
-Noncompliance programs​
-Resources for families, staff

-Maintenance and generalization

Resources ~ABA
​Trainings & Workshops

- What is ABA

- Autism 101

- Dementia 101

- Measurement & Assessments

- First Line Behavior Interventions

- Programs For Social Skills


-Trivia Night

-Strawberry Festival

-Garage Sale
-Fruit Route and Community Supported Agriculture 

Additional Information 

-Summer Camp

-Resources Across The Lifespan

-ALFA Foundation
-Recycle Program for Clients
-Volunteer Opportunities 
-Trinity Services, Inc

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What To Expect When You Start With Abilities

Start With Abilities


Free consultation meeting to determine basic needs, concerns, eligibility, fees discussed, insurance verified


Background history, caregiver interview, goals developed, direct observations, measurement procedures


Develop a comprehensive plan, collaborative meetings, ongoing caregiver training, program review


Goals met with continued monitoring , final report, discussion of closing services

What Is A Functional Behavior Assessment

Behavior Assessment

Applied Behavior Analysis has proven to be safer than medications to manage challenging behaviors (disruptive vocalizations, aggression, elopement). In ABA services, interventions are based on behavior assessments that identify the environmental reasons for challenging behaviors, including the antecedent triggers and rewarding consequences. These assessments are called Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs). A thorough assessment will allow our team to determine the best interventions to manage behaviors and identify proactive strategies. 

Our team

  • Completes caregiver questionnaires and direct observations in all settings

  • Create individualized plan with short and long term goals 

  • Identify WHY challenging behaviors occur and

  • Identify WHY specific appropriate behaviors do not occur

  • Develop, apply, train, and monitor behavior plans

  • Identify and train proactive strategies to prevent challenging behaviors in the future 

  • Test and coach reactive strategies when challenging behaviors occur

  • Focus on leisure and social skill programs

  • Train families, paid caregivers, teachers or counselors, direct care providers in intervention plan

  • Consults via face-to-face, phone, video conference

Preventing behavior and psychology symptoms  can reduce psychoactive medication prescriptions, re-hospitalizations, and caregiver burnout. Preventing challenging behaviors can lead to healthier, stronger caregivers and families for our communities.

ABA literature

More Resources

  • Concepts, principles, science

  • Features of ABA interventions

  • The practice of ABA as a profession

  • ABA Intervention guidelines

  • From the Behavior Analysis Certification Board

  • Brief overview of underlying philosophy of behaviorism, experimental analysis of behavior, and applied behavior analysis.

  • From the Behavior Analysis Certification Board

  • Brief overview of underlying philosophy of behaviorism, experimental analysis of behavior, and applied behavior analysis.

  • Responsible conduct

  • Responsibility to clients

  • Assessing behavior

  • Behavior change programs

  • As supervisors

  • Ethics

  • Research

"Applied behavior analysis...must be applied, behavioral, and analytic; in addition, it should be technological, conceptually systematic, and effective, and it should display some generality.

Baer, Wolf, Risley, Coined "Applied Behavior Analysis"

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