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Adults With Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) got its start working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. In fact, some of the first people served were from Southern Illinois in the 1950s! The assessment and intervention methods developed here in Southern Illinois is now best practice around the world. ABA has evolved from simple behavior modification programs to a clearer understanding of what environmental factors influence behaviors. The field of behavior analysis exploded as triggers were more clearly identified, medical issues ruled out, adaptive skills targeted for increase, and consequence-based reinforcement therapies changed the lives of people who needed it most. Behavior change has never been the same. 

At Abilities Behavior Services we take parent and team concerns seriously. We work to understand the function of behavior and deliver outcomes that are life changing. We teach teams to use helpful data collections systems in order for our analysis of the behavior to be more thorough and helpful. We coach staff and family so that behavior change is clearly evident and seen. We work directly with the individuals themselves so that skills are learned and maintained. We are dedicated to the person and team's goals so that while challenging behaviors are reduced or eliminated, that growth and skill development is at the core of real change

Abilities Behavioral Services provides weekly contact with providers and families so that ongoing progress and problem solving happens as an individual and team needs. We analyze and collect data so that treatment decisions are meaningful for that individual and real change is made. Abilities prides itself on continued collaborations with psychiatrists, physicians, specialized therapists (OT, PT, SLP), families, guardians, and team members to ensure that comprehensive behavioral support is provided at home, in the community, and at work or day programs.


-Direct observation

-Staff, family, & individual interviews

-Record review

-Data analysis 

-Testing interventions

Therapy Services​

-Skill development

-ACT therapy

-Community safety

-Anger management

-Group therapy

Skill Building​

​-Social skills

-Functional communication 

-Self-help and adaptive skills

-Coping skills 

-Leisure skills

Team Training

-Routine service summary delivery

-Skill demonstration

-In-the-moment coaching
-Program integrity measures​

-Data collection


There are a variety of ways to pay for ABA Services. 

Please contact us today to determine your eligibility. We can help you navigate your insurance or waiver program coverage for ABA therapy. Our team can recommend a needed number of hours per week and advocate for ABA therapy.

Children & Family Services

How To Apply:

Children in CILAs may be eligible for 100+ hours of ABA services. Children using the Home-Based waiver are also eligible for a negotiated number of ABA hours. Register with PUNS and contact your DHS officer for more information. 

Tricare and Insurance Policies

How To Apply:

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefits plan. Call your insurance to determined coverage, co-pay, and deductibles. Approval by a primary care physician is required. 

Private Pay

How To Apply:

Call today! No formal diagnosis needed. Services can include ADHD recommendations, toilet training, social skills, and more! RBTs and BCBAs can be apart of your care plan. A la carte services available. 

Payment ~DD

"Providing the highest quality, person-directed services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness so that they may flourish and live full and abundant lives."

Trinity Services, Inc., Parent Company's Mission Statement

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