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Children With Autism

     Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. ASD is an umbrella term for Autistic Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, and Asperger Syndrome.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, ASD affects nearly 1 in 59 children in the United States -- 1 in 37 boys and 1 in 151 girls.  Nearly one-third of all diagnosed with ASD are nonverbal, and ASD affects all ethnic and social economic groups. While the underlying causes of ASD are unknown, it is well researched that VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISMThere is no medical cure for ASD, but a highly effective method to manage symptoms is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA in the form of Early Intervention (before 3 years of age) can improve learning, communication, and social skills as the brain continues to develop. Early Intervention affords the best chances to support health development across the lifespan. 

See the ABILITIES not the disabilities

     At Abilities Behavior Services, we provide high-quality, evidence-based, and individualized ABA services to families and support personnel of children diagnosed with Autism or any other developmental and intellectual disability. Our vision is the see all children with ASD receive ABA services, no matter location or financial means. 

Early Intervention

-From 0-3 years of age

-BCBAs provide consultations

-Recommendations for challenges

-Empower parents to better interact

-Community- & home-based services

-No medical diagnosis necessary

-For referrals, see below

Clinic or Home Sessions

-Initial intake 

-Determine number of hours

-Individualize treatment plans

-Address skill or behavior deficits

-Multiple clinic locations

-RBT and BCBA services

-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

​Social Groups 

-Multiple groups, including age and skill-specific social opportunities

-Early skills may include eye contact, taking turns, and initiating conversations

-Advance skills may include responding within a group setting, reading body language or facial expressions

-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

​Parent Education

-Sign and Symptoms of Autism 

-Introduction to ABA Services

-How to Prevent Challenging Behaviors

-Social Programs For Parents 

-Discrete Trial Training 101

-Implementing Naturalistic Training

-Safety CareTM Crisis Prevention

School Consults, Training

-Assisting or completing an FBA

-Individualized intervention programs

-Teacher and support staff training

-Classroom management 

-Interdisciplinary team meetings 

-EP participation & recommendations

-Social skill and ACT groups 

Additional Services

-Language and communication programs 

-Sleep and bedtime routines

-Feeding assessments and programs

-Vocational instruction and placement

-Toilet training 

-Fundraising events

-Family nights


There are a variety of ways to pay for ABA Services. 

Early Intervention

How To Apply:

Referrals come from your local Early Intervention Child and Family Connections Service Coordinator.

To find a coordinator, search DHS Office Locator or Provider Connection.

How To Apply:

Children in CILAs may be eligible for 100+ hours of ABA services. Children using the Home-Based waiver are also eligible for a negotiated number of ABA hours. Register with PUNS and contact your DHS officer for more information. 

How To Apply:

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefits plan. Approval by a primary care physician is required. We accept Tricare/Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, and Cigna.

How To Apply:

Call today! No formal diagnosis needed. Services can include ADHD recommendations, toilet training, social skills, and more! RBTs and BCBAs can be apart of your care plan. A la carte services available. 

Children & Family Services

Private Pay

Private Insurance

Please contact us today to determine your eligibility. We can help you navigate your insurance or waiver program coverage for ABA therapy. Our team can recommend a needed number of hours per week and advocate for ABA therapy.

Payment ~Children

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach... we must teach them in a way they learn. " 

O. Ivar Lovaas, Developer of the Lovaas Model of Applied Behavior Analysis

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